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About Us

Maker Ammo, LLC and the Maker Bullets brand was launched in November  2014 by Paul Hendrixson and Constant Laubscher.  Prior to the creation of the Maker brand, in 2012  Paul and Constant began manufacturing a 220 grain solid copper for 300 blackout because there was limited availability of subsonic bullets at that time.

Shortly after, they developed a fracturing and then expanding line for use in subsonic hog hunting.  As the designs, progressed, patents were filed on the fracturing ammo. Friends who were launching a new ammo line agreed to private label the projectiles. As production grew, the expanding and fracturing product lines expanded to include over 100 different caliber and grain weight configurations.  

In early 2015, the Maker Bullets brand was launched to introduce a full line of match, expanding and fracturing projectiles with and without polymer tips.  Focusing solely on precision cnc machined lead free, solid copper projectiles Maker now has over  250 grain and caliber configurations.  

We are well staffed and have new equipment and testing facilities.  

We believe in taking care of our customers first and stand behind our products.