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Maker Overwatch Field 1 oz Shotgun Slug Ammunition (pkg 5) NOTE!!!! IF THESE ARE BACKORDER CALL FOR CURRENT DELIVERY

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The Maker Overwatch Field 1 oz shotgun slug ammo utilizes the Maker Bullets 1 oz  expanding solid copper slug.  The slug is designed to perform optimally at home defense distances with smooth bore shotguns and upto 100 yds witth rifled slug barreles with upto 3X expansion and nearly 100% weight retention.  The slug will penetrate hard barriers as well as soft targets.  In soft targets, the slug will not overpenetrate like traditional lead slugs.

Muzzle Velocity:     1270 fps

Muzzle Energy:        1684 ft lbs

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OMG 100% Legit!!!!

- 07/29/2021

Amazing self defence short range round below 100yards. This is an incredible round performing as designed, with frightful results. Beware intruders, game or inbetween you will not be walking away. Just shocking!!!

Two Words

- 03/12/2021

Holy s***.


Actually expands instead of fragments

- 07/24/2020

Not many "expanding" rounds actually expand instead of fragment. This one does exactly what it says it will, and does it consistently.

Extremely Impressive

- 07/23/2020

These were tested on TAOFLEDERMAUS YouTube channel under the video heading. The BEST 12ga. Shotgun Slug - you never heard of!

Their unbiased results show that this copper slug has massive expansion with reduced risk fo...

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