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110 Grain 300 Blackout Tipped Expanding Bullet (Box Qty - 50) !!! THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMO!!!!

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The Maker T-REX bullets are precision cnc machined, lead free, solid copper expanding projectiles with a polymer tip for improved ballistics coefficient.  T-REX projectiles expand to nearly 3 times the original diameter while maintaining nearly 100% of its original weight.  Each T-REX projectile has been engineered to perform in a given velocity range to provide unparalleled performance across a wide variety of calibers and weapons platforms. 


Bullet Diameter


Grain Weight




Sectional Density   (SD)


Ballistic Coefficient  (BC)


Recommended  Barrel Twist rate

1:12 or faster



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Beats expectations

- 09/29/2022

Extremely accurate and consistent. Sub MOA at 100 yards and ⅜" at 50 Yards out of a 8.5" suppressed AR platform. Load of 20.2 grains of H110 with a coal of 2.210".

100% weight retention

- 03/20/2021

Beautiful expansion, massive wound channels, and phenomenal weight retention.

Accurate as match bulllets

- 10/19/2019

To date I haven’t shot a more accurate bullet in 300BLK and I’ve shot my share. Haven’t tried it in the field yet but it penetrates over 16” in ballistic gel

Awesome performance

- 03/08/2019

I use these tipped expanding 110 grain bullets in both my 300 blackout and 308 and have killed everything I've shot. Bullets performed flawlessly as advertised. They end up right at 108 grains on all of the specimens I have recoved, some expanding as larg...

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