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Maker Overwatch Field 124 gr 7.62x39 Ammunition (pkg 20)

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CUSTOM RUN BY SWCR:  Limited availability, New Brass Case, Non Corrosive Primer Made in USA

The Maker Overwatch Field 124gr 7.62x39 ammo utilizes the Maker Bullets 124 gr  7.62x39 REX expanding solid copper projectile.  The bullet is designed to perform optimally at 7.62x39 velocities to ranges of 300 + yds with upto 3X expansion and nearly 100% weight retention.

Test Barrel:   16" AK 47

Muzzle Velocity:     2150  fps 

Muzzle Energy:        1457 ft lbs, 

C.O.A.L.:                  2.20"

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