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180 Grain .308 Expanding Subsonic Bullets 1:10 twist (Box Qty - 50) Reviews for the product - 180 Grain .308 Expanding Subsonic Bullets 1:10 twist (Box Qty - 50) (Back to product)
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Performed as advertised

- 07/17/2018

My son harvested a 3-year old 10 point whitetail buck using a 308 Win and these 180 grain subsonic bullets last November. These bullets group well and hit hard. One note, they tumble at the slow subsonic speed and cause a lot of tissue damage.

Pleased so far

- 02/04/2018

Only burned once so far. 5 jobs shot from 80 yards. 3 fell were they stood, 1 went 30 yards the other about 100. 16 inch Rem 700 in .308. Load was 12.2 be Trail Boss. MV. average 1063. Will continue testing and post results.

Excellent 308 Win Subsonic bullet

- 10/17/2017

These subsonic bullets perform exceptionally well fired from my AAC SR-7 suppressed 308 Win REM 700 SPS-Tactical rifle with 1:10 Twist. I developed a sub-moa load using Trail Boss that keeps the velocity around 1050 fps. I tested the bullet by firing into gallon-sized milk jugs filled with water. The round stopped in the 5th jug. The bullet expansion was 0.909" I plan to try them on game very soon. Paul, thanks for the advice.

Is my search over?

- 03/09/2016

I have been looking for a subsonic bullet that is both accurate and expands at subsonic velocities. My goal is to hunt coyotes all next season suppressed and subsonic. I think I finally found the bullet. The maker 180 grain .308 subsonic bullet is producing excellent groups. Today I shot two groups that measured .669 and .660. These were only 75 yard groups but I will run it out to 100 yards and shoot a few more 5 shot groups to confirm. I will report my results.

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