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200 Grain .308 Expanding Subsonic Blackout Bullets (Box Qty - 50) Reviews for the product - 200 Grain .308 Expanding Subsonic Blackout Bullets (Box Qty - 50) (Back to product)
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Watch this video Maker vs Lehigh 194

- 09/25/2018
I hunt subsonic the same as archery. Get em quartering away then put it just behind the shoulder slanting forward into the vitals. 40 yds and done. Good blood trail and no meat wasted.

Very Dependable Performance

- 05/21/2018

I loaded and tested countless numbers of these bullets at a variety of distances just for my own satisfaction before putting them to the test on game animal at sub-velocities. 200gr.@ 1050 fps out of a 300Blk Out on a Whitetail at 130 yards. Double lung complete pass through,exit side looked like a broad head. Deer went 30yards and expired. Unbelievable performance from a sub-velocity projectile. In the State I live where Suppressors are legal to sport game hunt this is a game changer.

Best hunting bullet made

- 01/11/2017

This is the baddest bullet made for the 300 blk out subsonic . Cuts like a razor and penetrates very well . Best accuracy so far 2.225 oval out of Remington 700 at 1000 fps. Deer don't go 40 yrds and die . No other bullet does what this bullet does . Expands perfect .

Excellent accuracy, just requires some experimenting

- 12/31/2016

Accuracy with this bullet can be fickle, but is achievable. I used a 1:8" SBR (10.5") with SRM primers and IMR 4227 (9.5 grn) and was able to have one big ragged hole for a five shot group. Lower charge weights caused larger groups, but not too awful.

One thing to note: because of their volume, these leave very little room in the case for powder (even less than regular bullets for subsonic rounds). As a result, your seating depth could be noticeably affected by varying case capacities. Didn't effect accuracy too much to be worried about (remember 100 yards is about all you'd use it for).

The best bullet I've shot so far (subsonic)

- 08/07/2016

Far and away best subsonic bullet I've shot to date out of 300blk Thanks again


- 05/28/2016

Superb accuracy, a hole in a hole at 50 yds, Awesome product.

200 grain expanding 300 blackout

- 04/28/2016

Great bullet, accuracy and the best custome service!

The BEST!!!!!!!!!!

- 02/15/2016

Bought some of these to run in my night vision equiped bolt action with suppressor. Loaded with 7.2gr of red dot powder @ 2.2775 OAL these bullets are accurate and mouse fart quiet. Expands exactly as advertised. Couldn't be happier!

.300 subs

- 01/27/2016

had a local reloader make me up some subsonics for my 300 blk out ruger American ranch rifle compact.
1000 fps

these did the trick on a 80lb doe at a 78yds.

shot low in the chest - and exited in the opposite shoulder joint - bullet stuck under the skin - full expansion. and deer only ran a few feet and was dead in seconds.

these are going to take subsonic hunting to a new level.

Maker Bullets will not dissapoint!

- 12/29/2015

Awesome bullet for subsonic hunting applications. They shoot great and the expansion is phenomenal.

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